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Don’t live to retire

December 5, 2013
2012 was a busy year for Bryant Design Studios and the Bryant family. But despite the mountain of “to-dos”, we decided to pull out our bucket list and cross off an entry. For years we had discussed going to Greece. We both had traveled to Europe before, but never to Greece and never together. This was our chance. Sure, the timing wasn’t great. Sure, we hadn’t really budgeted for the expense. But it is a decision we will never regret.

Our first stop was mainland Greece. We spent some time in Athens taking in the food, culture and history at the Acropolis. Sitting in the massive shadow of the Parthenon, Mike sketched while I filled my journal. Other days, it was off to the Theatre of Dionysus and back down the steep mountain to grab a Gyro at a food stand in the famed Plaka neighborhood. Soon we were island-bound, first stop: Naxos. Upon arrival, the town buzzed about “the Americans” visiting from New York. (You would have thought Brad and Angelina had stopped into this quite, old fishing village.) We would sit and chat for hours enjoying the company of the locals enjoying oaky red wine and tart cheeses from the island’s farms and vineyards. We would practice our Greek and they would inquire about American politics, culture and cuisine.

The last stop, and maybe the most memorable, was Santorini. Before our trip, I was constantly reading about this island getaway and with every Google search I was stunned by the picturesque Mediterranean jewel. The old cliché is quite true — pictures don’t do it justice.

Every time we stop to think about that trip, we are reminded of the experiences we shared. These experiences will live with us forever. I’m thankful we didn’t wait until retirement.

This post was written by Michael Bryant

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