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December 5, 2013

We pride ourselves on being able to make your vision come to life. Give us a model and we are able to create photorealistic renderings of designs that haven’t made it out of the conceptual stage. We love being able to show clients the final project’s full potential – long before any ground is disturbed.

So we are really excited about the advent of 3D printing and the recent mainstream interest in the technology. The implications of this technology go beyond basic reproduction; for our purposes, we see it as another tool to help clients visualize and experience dreams – and actually watch them come to life as a tangible example of what’s to come.

3D printers create a three-dimensional object by using a digital model, usually developed in CAD or Sketchup. I’ve recently read one reviewer compare 3D printing to baking. You start with a recipe. Then, each spongy layer of a cake is built up and added to the previous layer, until you have a 3D plate of goodness. Same goes for anything else you are printing.

Today, the technology is used in the fields of jewelry, architecture, engineering and construction, aerospace, dental and many others.

Look out for updates on this technology here at Bryant Design Studios. We are always innovating to ensure we can offer the most current tools and programs. high hcg

This post was written by Michael Bryant

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